Arial view of Fawncastle BnB Hillcrest

A love Affair

for over 22 years

a family matter

Our story

We fell in love with the property when we first saw it 22 years ago : within days we had bought it and moved in.

Originally a walled manor house built in the middle of the last century – a picture postcard with tall trees providing a glorious backdrop to the beautiful gardens.

The move to convert the home into a guest house started 30 years ago, but the owners at that time found the hospitality business did not suit their lifestyles. They sold to a young adventurours couple who gave the guest house the name “Fawncastle”and they immediately set about developing the property.

Then came the problems as they ran out of capital and that gave us an opportunity of a life time.

Fawncastle Guesthouse fitted us like a glove, and our experience over the previous 20 years in the hotel industry, underpinned our success. In addition we had the full time support of our youngest son Robert who had just completed a 3 year trainee management position with Southern Sun.

Pat hoyle

How it all happened

Chronologically we took action as follows :
1. Completed the unfinished redevelopment
2. Acquired classical pieces of furniture for all 12 en suite bedrooms
3. Brought style and colours to the Guest House
4. Set up a Website

Core Values

During this period we agreed out our core values :
1) 5 Star Standards at 3 Star prices
2) Security, Comfort & Access - 24 hours a day
3) Never, Never, Never, allow a guest to leave who has been dissatisfied.

4 Star Acredited

We became 4 Star accredited with the tourism bureau some 12 years ago and we work very hard to make sure these standards are upheld.
So today the business has 2 distinct parts :
* 4 Star Guest House accomodation with up market executive suites
* 50% of our Capacity catering for our longer term clients

The business flourished, but Covid required we review our basic operation. We overcame the absence of overnight visitors by selling part of the accomodation space to clients looking for long term bookings. We thought initially this package could be suitable for early retirees but surprise, surprise, 80% of our new clients were young professionals requiring a permanent base in the area.


But what makes Fawncastle is the team entrusted to guest services and it is my pleasure to introduce them.

Pat Hoyle : Owner for over 20 years. A fabulous cook, house keeper and raconteur

Kim : With over 12 years as a member of the team and assisted by her 2 sons Ross & Scottie , she controls day to day operations – Central Admin, Reception and Housekeeping

Babs: Maintenance Manager for over 20 years

Dladla: Over 12 years as guardian of the Pool and Gardens

Happy : Over 7 year as our night security manager